Pepperjack Shiraz Project – sign-off

So some of my final thoughts around this project…

Firstly, the wine

As I mentioned before, this isn’t a bad drop as long as it’s decanted and left to breathe.  The wine complements red meat well, especially a medium-rare steak or spiced lamb.  I have often had shiraz with curries, but the sharpness on the palette of this particular wine clashes with the very spicy stuff I normally eat, so doesn’t go well.  6 bottles seemed quite a lot to send, and I’ve only been able to get through 4 bottles.  The others will just have to be keepers (which I think would be a good thing as I think this wine will age well over 3-4 years).  I noticed the wine is priced around $20 a bottle, which is a little more than I would have expected to pay, but given it’s a SA Barossa Valley wine, possibly not.

From hosting my events, the feedback was that the wine was good, but not something that they would probably drink regularly.  The matching with red meat was agreed, but the sharpness of the wine was the issue for most.  Some noted it was more bitey like a Cab Sav, others just felt the wine needed to breath or age longer.  All agreed that the wine was not a ‘cheap’ tasting wine and would be suitable for cellaring.

Next, project activities

When I received my pack, I was instructed to download a movie-making app and subsequently take video which would eventually be uploaded to a pepperjack promo video. The download and registration process was quite simple and the app simple to use.  I completed the first step (arrival, opening boxes etc.) and expected the next steps to be consumption etc.  In fact, the instructions were to take movie doing shopping before getting ready for an event, guests arriving and then the introduction of guests, fave part of the evening etc.  I found this a little too restrictive and obviously went to a pre-determined idea of what the ‘film’ would be about, rather than allow for creative submissions which could be mashed together.  Needless to say, I didn’t pick-up the camera again for this activity.

I did however get a little creative pulling together a photo with the food/wine combination when I make a greek-style lamb on a spit.  This worked well and was shared on the Pepperjack FB page and Instagram.  Disappointingly though, it wasn’t the winner of the competition and didn’t get the reward of 2x $50 bottles of wine 😦  .

Final thoughts…

I think they Soup team has tried to spice up a typical wine project a bit by being more visual and getting our friends and families more involved with the output.  I think the project could have been run just a few weeks earlier as it now comes in contact with work break up parties, Christmas etc. and this makes it hard to focus on the activities around the project.  I expect the film output from various parties will be good and suit the promotional needs of the client – no doubt looking for a balance to the quality, mid-range priced wine with a good name, but relaxed feel.  This seems to be what they are going for, without tipping too far into the premium and putting the great majority of wine drinkers off.

Overall it’s been a great project to be involved in, now if I can just pick-up a BOURBON project, I’ll be set!



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