Rooted my phone

No.. this doesn’t mean I’ve dropped it on the ground and smashed it (like those poor iphone people) or dropped it in the toilet or something.. I decided to gain root access to my Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone so that I could load up a custom ROM.. (If I’ve lost you, stop reading now..)

I was looking for a ROM that was close to stock Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) but very functional.  I ended up going with a AOKP variant – Omega 2.1.  As it’s AOKP it’s built from the ground up but is just like stock Android, but better.  So far I have had no issues, better battery life (than stock 4.0) and very happy with the UI.

Most of all, I’m impressed by the radio included – jeez, what a difference an updated radio can make!  My 3G connection speeds are better than they were before the upgrade.  My only gripe is that one of my apps (originally side-loaded) isn’t working.  Thankfully then have a mobile optimised site, so will make do with that until they support ICS.


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