RCP Project – Final week, final thoughts

Final week and I think time to sum up my thoughts…

  • Fragrance is quite okay, nothing overpowering or offensive
  • Protection is very good, but only really if you follow the instructions and apply at night. For me, I shower in the morning and would rather apply first thing, but this won’t protect fully for heavy sweat occasions such as going to the gym.
  • Comfort – better than most sticks I’ve used in the past, doesn’t get ‘gummed up’ under the arms and dries quickly. Once dried, its not that much different feeling to a spray deodorant but I do feel it as a layer in the armpit.
  • Other thoughts – it does tend to leave white marks on dark clothing

Conclusion – Its not a bad product overall and I would recommend to anyone looking for serious ‘control’ over their wetness. That would mean however, ensuring they follow the directions and being wary of dark clothing. For me – it was a positive experience for sure, but will probably go back to my spray deodorant, even if it does mean re-applying after physical activity.


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