RCP Project – Week 2

This week I’m applying the Rexona Clinical Protection stick after showering in the morning and seeing how I go throughout the day.

Monday I was off to the gym and it suddenly didn’t cut it! I suspect that the reason for that is the way I applied it in the morning. What I’ve discovered is that if you go over and over the same spot (I was trying to evenly ‘spread’ the deodorant) it tends to pick back up what you just applied. So – note to self, don’t go over the armpit multiple times.

Since then, I’ve been ensuring I do the 3 click on the stick to ensure I get enough coverage.  Although I’m not allowing for the absorption  effect you get when applying the night before, I also don’t feel like I’m getting an underarm build up.   The good news is that so far this week (other than Monday) I’ve found it’s protecting just as well as it was the week before. 🙂


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